My dear Vienna!... I do not believe there is a place in the world where I could be happier than here.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), from a letter to his father Leopold Mozart, dated August 17, 1781.


String Quartet Lab in Vienna

The birthplace of the string quartet


So 28 July, 5 pm – So 4 August 2 pm

Schloss Pötzleinsdorf  Geymüllergasse 1, 1180 Wien



Have you ever wondered what it is like to spend a week immersed in the mystery of the string quartet in Vienna, the birthplace of the string quartet, nestled in one of the citys most beautiful and peaceful locations? Would you like to explore the history of the string quartet from 1769 to 1827 at original locations and to delve deep into the secrets of the works that were composed in this city?

To play concerts where some of the greatest composers once sat and listened? And how would it feel to exchange and to develop ideas to assure a glorious future for string quartet playing in the 21. century?

Join us at the International String Quartet Course at Schloss Pötzleinsdorf in Vienna. Here young promising quartets and experienced quartet musicians gather to reflect on how the spirit of the fathers of the string quartet - Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert - can be kept alive in the 21st century. Our goal is to explore the rich history of the string quartet, understand the secrets of works composed in Vienna, and discover the key to successful quartet dynamics. We aim to engage with new audiences through this magical repertoire and envision the future of string quartet playing. Throughout the masterclass participants will live, work, and dine together. Engaging discussions about the future of string quartet playing and its audience will inspire us, as
well as the individual journey of each group and musician towards their own development. Our discoveries will be put to the test in concerts held in the city, where we will share our interpretations and insights.


Come and join us in this extraordinary journey where history, music, and personal growth intertwine in the heart of Vienna, the city that has worked miracles in music for centuries.




The course will take place from July 28th, 5pm to August 4th, 2 pm. Each ensemble will
enjoy daily lessons with all the professors throughout the week, rehearsal time, access to
open lessons of other groups, engaging workshops, insightful discussions, and evening
sight-reading sessions after a communal dinner in the garden.


Schloss Pötzleinsdorf, Geymüllergasse 1, 1180 Vienna


 * Berit Cardas Vertavo String Quartet, Violin/Viola
 * Björg Vaernes Lewis Vertavo String Quartet, Cello
 * Klaus Christa Epos:Quartett, Stella Musikhochschule, Viola
 * Conradin Brotbek Aria-Quartett, Musikhochschulen Stuttgart und Bern, Cello
 * Karin Guldenschuh Communication and Strategy Coach
 * Regula Lehmann Kunsttherapeutin & Musik- und Traumatherapeutin


The Tiroler Studentenheim offers their rooms. We would love
to welcome you all there. All professors will also stay there. Bring your own bed sheets and towels.
It’s a 35-minute walk through a park to Schloss Pötzleinsdorf or you can use public transport (It takes about the same time)
25 € per night



Course fee: €1.000 per quartet
It includes a daily lesson and dinner and participation in the supporting programme




I am happy to answer all possible and impossible questions.

Claudia Christa

T +43 680 3210949



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